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Žiga Vavpotič – Pioneer of New Economy in Europe

Nationwide action, connecting ideas and generations. This is how the initiator of Symbiosis, Žiga Vavpotič, became one of the 100 pioneers of the new European economy.

An action across all of Slovenia, connecting ideas and generations, moving of people, society, Slovenia, Europe, the world. This is how the initiator of Symbiosis, Žiga Vavpotič, became one of the 100 pioneers of the new European economy.

The Purpose Economy 100 platform recognized in Žiga Vavpotič one of the 100 pioneers of the new economy in Europe. He is the initiator of Symbiosis and the expert director of the Ypsilon Institute. The platform chose 100 eminent European economists, politicians, public figures, NGO representatives, researchers and others that embody the new Europe -  new economy. 100 of those that move the borders of what is possible. 100 of those that prove that it IS possible.

The pioneers are relevantly affecting the whole of Europe – they are namely the initiators of innovative approaches to society and economy development, but at the same time of operating, understanding and thinking about the wider society.

“I share this recognition of course with everyone that walk with me on this path, for which I say that it carries the motto – live and leave a mark. Thanks to everyone! I hope that this will also be an encouragement to others, especially young people, to see that is possible that Slovenia is on the map of Europe and that we have to be among the best. To work well is the only right way to accomplish breakthroughs. We need to believe that the world can be changed for the better- that is the mission of us all. Although it is not always easy, I will try with my deeds to show the path to others that want to see a better future. To be one of 100 within Europe, when your work is noticed by others – that is the sincere recognition of the work so far made, but brings a responsibility for working in the future. However, I am looking forward to the future. Each day brings so many opportunities and it is good to also be grateful for these and fight for that right, for something more, for that, what you believe in and what you are living!”, stated Žiga Vavpotič.

What is the new economy?

As an information economy that led innovation and economy growth up to now, the era of new economy is led by connecting people for their common purpose. It is about an economy that strives towards establishing a purpose and value for the employees and for the customers. By fulfilling needs, larger than your own, we have in this way, possibilities for personal growth and setting up a community.

Žiga proved that anything is possible. We are proud that Symbiosis is part of his visionary approach towards connecting the young and the old. And we will gladly write this story of new economy in the future.

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