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Symbiosis will be moving this year! Open applications for locations.

This year the Symbiosis project is moving from computer workshops to sports area and will connect the young and the wise through moving with the action called “Symbiosis moves”.

The “Symbiosis moves” is carrying on with the tradition of intergenerational connecting. It is opening the door of sports objects for older people in the week between 13 and 19 October all across Slovenia. With this action, the organisers wish to offer the opportunity that older people get familiar with to them less known sports and new ways of recreation and attend different exercises that will take place twice a day.

The “Symbiosis moves” - for active involvement of older people into sports activities

Within the framework of the “Symbiosis moves” project, the older will get familiar with new moving patterns with the help of the young and exchange experience. This will be a week that will once more bring together the younger generations and those young by heart and remember them that there is something that unites them and enables them to speak the same language -  the language of movement.

The Director of “Symbiosis moves”, Mr Rudi Bebar said that ““Symbiosis moves” is preparing a week, when the time will stop. I call on all sports service providers and umbrella organisations to open their doors for two hours per day and in this way enable pleasant gatherings for young and the older. At the same time, I call on all entrepreneurs to support the action with financial resources, donations and other forms of assets. We will have a hard time executing the project without your help.

In the end, I would like to invite two key generations, the young and the older Slovenians, to join us at the movement week. Some as volunteers, others as participants. Let step together and show Slovenia that there is still a spirit of cooperation living inside us and that we have not forgotten about fellow humans.”

The wish for intergenerational cooperation and mutual transfer of knowledge continues. The purpose stays the same, only the field is changing. “In the fall, Symbiosis will connect Slovenia once again. This time the computers will be changed by different sports activities, but the idea of the project is still intergenerational cooperation. We believe in the future of connecting the generations and we are looking forward to the active autumn days”, summed up her feelings Ana Pleško, the director of Symbiosis Genesis - social company. The initiator of Symbiosis, Žiga Vavpotič, added: Symbiosis is connecting again. It maintains the intergenerational story of a better tomorrow. This time with movement. If we can activate people, I believe that even national treasury money can be saved. Active citizens are healthy citizens. It is wise to move.”

Gregor Jurak from the Faculty of Sport sees the significance of the project mainly in raising awareness of the public, combined with the social challenge of co-habitation of generations. The share of older people is namely getting larger and moving is the basic ingredient of quality aging and healthy way of life. He emphasises that the “Symbiosis moves” project should be an initiative and an encouragement to make such practice permanent in Slovenia.

»If intergenerational cooperation includes moving activities as well, it gains an additional value that encompasses a beneficial effect on health, general well-being, social skills, and with children it is also important that the older are a model to them, when it comes to being sport active and promote a healthy life-style«, said Edvard Kolar, the director of the Directorate for Sport, as he summed up the positive aspects of “Symbiosis moves”.

The organisers wish to enable a quality way of spending free time for everyone with this action, to promote sport and sport providers, which was also emphasised by the “Symbiosis moves” supporter, a Slovenian athlete and Olympic champion, Mr Miro Cerar: It is important that the action covers a sports field, that all generations are included and that everyone can find an activity that suits their age and interests. This is an area, where young and older are getting to know and spending time with each other and where sports values are built, which also are an integral part of Slovenian values. It is about socializing and strengthening of health, which also leads to personal satisfaction.”

The Secretary-General of the Football Club Bravo, Mr Matjaž Jakopič stated that their club joined the action with great pleasure and enthusiasm, since they are daily realising the mission of “Symbiosis moves”. By being involved in the actions, these activities can be only upgraded and widened.

The Olympic Committee of Slovenia is joining the project as well. Its president, Mr Janez Kocijančič, sees the additional value of the project in the opportunity to raise the level of taking an active part in sports activities. » The Olympic Committee of Slovenia supports these kind of projects and I am certain that such actions can only encourage people additionally to take part in sports, which is already high today in Slovenia.«

From today on, all providers of sport programmes/locations that would like to open up their doors during the 13 and 19 October 2014 between 10 and 11 a.m. and between 17 and 18 p. m. can get all information about the application and how to cooperate through the contact written below. All local and regional coordinators that can contribute to an undisturbed course of the project are also invited to participate in the project.

Coordination of the locations: Ana Marija Hribar, phone: +386 41 547 334,

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