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Simbioza goes UN

The Simbioza team is spreading the word about our biggest intergenerational project through the United Nations platform.

The Simbioza team attended a panel within the "CINÉ-ONU Vienna" initiative of film screenings of UN related topics. For this occasion the film "Ping pong - Never too old for gold" has been projected, following a constructive discussion on the issue of population ageing.

The panel has been moderated by Mr Janos Tisovszky, Director of UNIS. A fruitful contribution to the topic has been made by Mr Alexandre Sidorenko, Former Head of the UN Ageing Unit, and Mr Žiga Vavpotič, Initiator of the Simbioza project.
Considering population ageing an issue with global implications, Mr Sidorenko emphasized the passed and recent efforts of the international community in tackling this issue on a multilateral level by urging for a universal legally binding document towards strengthening older people's rights.

On the other hand, Mr Vavpotič presented a Slovenian case of good practice in dealing with this kind of issue, introducing the implementation of the Simboza project, which has reached great success in the last three years. Furthermore, he emphasized new approaches considering the sustainable extensions of the idea behind the Simbioza project and also presented its internationalization plans.

In the Q&A session Mr Vavpotič called for a holistic approach in tackling the issue of population ageing, especially by including the younger generations, who can make outstanding contributions through intergenerational cooperation and dialogue.


More about the event is to be found here.

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